Country Fayre - 23 June 2015

Past Events 

Students from Huddersfield University visited our school to observe and teach Literacy in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.


The quotes underneath the pictures are from the students. Click the pictures for a larger image.


"It's been a really valuable experience. Being able to see in practice what we have talked about in university for the past 5 months. We were made very welcome during our time here in all areas of the school." 
"The literacy days have been useful as I have observed guided reading sessions over Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage which I haven't seen before."
"The two days have been an excellent experience. It was really good to see the theory we have been learning about in university being put into practice in a school environment."


"I've had a really good experience, being able to see theory in practice. As it has been hands on, we have been able to see how guided reading and shared writing should be taught in schools. The teachers have been really helpful in giving advice on what we should do."
"The experience was effective as we got to see a quality Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 setting. It was good to be able to interact and teach the children what we have talked about in university. We got the opportunity to see this in practice."
"The last 2 days have been a good learning curve to see literacy practice all over the curriculum. Teaching phonics as a group and being observed built confidence on my teaching phonics in the Foundation Stage. This has been a big learning curve and a great learning experience."


"It has been a great experience, it has been good to see a different setting. I learnt alot about guided reading and how it should be done effectively. Also I have experienced more in the Nursery which has been useful for me as I am placed in Year 2 at the moment."
"This has been a really good experience. I have learnt so much and everything has been worth while. During these visits I have seen evidence of 'good practice' that we have heard so much about at university. I now understand how children with EAL are intergrated within schools and how strategies are put in place to ensure they reach their full potential. These experiances should be what teacher training is all about!"
"All staff have been friendly and welcoming over the two days we've been in school. I learnt alot about guided reading that I didn't know before, especially as the Reception teacher we were with actually went through the assessment sheets with us. We were able to fill out our own sheet, based on the observations we had made which was extremely useful."