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Online Safety for Children

The Internet is a fun place. We can play games, find information, watch videos, listen to stories and learn from thousands of different teachers all over the world.


The Internet is not always a safe place to be. Sometimes the information we find on the Internet is not correct or true. Some of the videos, stories and games are very bad. 

It is very important for you to learn how to protect yourself when you are on the internet. Following the SMART Rules will help you. Learn the rules here and click the SMART button to visit the website. Try the online SMART quiz.



Click here to view the SMART Rules poster.

Can you design your own SMART poster to help other children learn the different ways to stay safe?



Cyberbullying is when someone uses technology (such as the internet or a mobile phone) to bully others.

Three rules to remember if you are being cyberbullied:

Don’t reply: most of the time the bully is looking for a reaction when they’re teasing or calling someone nasty names, remember not to reply, if you do you're giving the bully exactly what they want.


Save the evidence: save the evidence of any emails or text messages you receive.  You don't have to look at them just save them into a folder or ask an adult to do it for you. Most smart phones have the ability to screen shot. This is so you have something to show when you do report the cyberbullying.


Tell someone: tell a trusted adult if you are being cyberbullied, they can help you, and tell them as soon as you can in order to minimise your upset or worry.

Report the Bullies

If you have any problems with others being unkind you can report them to the Cyber Police. Click the button below to take you to the CEOP website. Ask a trusted adult to help you.  Put a stop to bad behaviour online, you don't have to put up with it, report it.


Childline will also help you if you are worried.


Be Kind Online from National Online Safety

Please read, click to view in full Please read, click to view in full

Click the buttons below for more information, stories and videos.

Remember these three rules to keep yourself safe on the internet, while gaming and on your mobile devices. 


Many thanks to: Childnet International, ThinkuKnow, National Online Safety, CEOP